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Solola Bien 


In 2019 Mr Christian Bless, Founding Principal and CEO of Solola Bien RT (SBRT) noticed a gap in the Congolese entertainment industry.  He observed a growing divide between Congolese culture and the perspectives of many of the young Congolese diaspora but no one was really talking about it. 


With a desire to bridge the gap between the old and the young, the common and the uncommon, SBRT emerged as a platform to explore topics that are controversial, taboo and potentially difficult to discuss among the Congolese youth through honest and open conversations.  Despite the divergence of outlooks regarding business, family and life, SBRT seeks to encourage the younger Congolese generation to embrace cultural values, critically analyse convention and evolve their way of thinking for the enhancement of self and the community. 


It is our mission to effectively address the negative narratives and stereotypes of Congolese people living in the West.  In doing so, promoting a constructive view of the progressive Congolese people that have emerged from a younger generation.  There are a plethora of Congolese talk shows around the world but Solola Bien RT distinguishes itself by tackling community issues via raw debate, hot topics, and select personalities. 


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